Masters of Flight

Expert pilots; skilled technicians.


A Reputation for Excellence and Innovation

Ascent Helicopters offers specialized flight services to a variety of government and industry clients including BC Hydro, MOFLNR Rapattack Program, Crescent Spur Heli Skiing, BC Air Ambulance medevac, film and mining/resource exploration.

Our highly skilled aircrew and engineering staff have years of operational experience in all aspects of the helicopter charter business. This expertise allows Ascent to manage operations in a way that affords customers the highest industry standard of helicopter utilization, safety, and customer service.

Ascent also offers comprehensive project management. With modified aircraft, and personalized aerial solutions; we are able to anticipate and meet the specific needs of customers. We excel at offering innovative solutions to difficult project requirements.

Ascent is one of the few Canadian companies that is Transport Canada approved to offer a hoisting program. Developed in co-operation with industry experts with decades of hoisting experience, Ascent offers hoist training programs and hoisting as a work access method. The experience of Ascent’s hoist technicians is unparalleled in Western Canada. Our hoisting program is simply the best and safest available.

Ascent Helicopters has bases in Parksville and Fernie B.C.

“We bank our service on the team at Ascent”

Regina Aubrey, Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing


Ascent’s Team of Pilots and Engineers

It takes two types of people to make a helicopter charter service remarkable: the confident and experienced people who pilot the aircraft, and the focused and detailed technicians who maintain these precision machines. We’re proud of our people on both fronts. Ascent’s team of pilots are all high-time, with an average of 9,000 flight hours. Similarly, our engineers are known for their ability to service our aircraft efficiently in a wide variety of environments.

Trent Lemke

Trent Lemke leads operations at Ascent Helicopters. He brings personal, hands-on experience in air operations and special logistics. Our customers rely on Trent to develop programs which address specific project needs. Trent’s 25 years of aviation experience, and over 10,000 hours of incident and accident-free flight time, contribute to his strength as a pilot. Trent’s project management capabilities and in depth understanding of business makes him a unique talent in the Canadian aviation industry and a formidable Operations Manager for Ascent Helicopters. Over the past eight years, Ascent has become an industry leader in Western Canada, due to Trent’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

Al Hansson

Al Hansson serves as Ascent’s Director of Maintenance, bringing over 28 years of helicopter maintenance experience to this role. As a high time pilot, Al takes an integrated approach to both troubleshooting and field maintenance. He holds particularly high standards and this informs how he guides our maintenance staff. It’s through his guidance that we’ve instituted portable workshops, fully stocked with spare parts, allowing our engineers to service our fleet in the most remote of locations. This minimizes disruptions to flight service and allows us to offer an extremely high standard in terms of dispatch reliability.

Frank Walcher

Frank Walcher is Ascent’s Chief Pilot. Frank brings 12 years of experience to Ascent. Frank is a gifted pilot who excels at challenging longline operations. Frank works collaboratively with customers and Ascent’s flight crew. Frank’s experience, professionalism and creativity combine to guide our flight crew in providing clients with the right pilot and excellent customer service.

Greg Goodison

Greg Goodison is manager of Ascent’s Fernie B.C. base. A high-time pilot with exceptional mountain flying skills, Greg excels at wildlife count and capture, and is certified for the most challenging of BC Hydro’s operations. A proud ‘Fernie boy’, Greg is committed to the success of local businesses and the welfare of the environment. We’re particularly proud of Greg and his work at our Fernie base. He’s growing a dedicated clientele who rely on the safety, skills, professionalism and sincere community spirit of Ascent’s Fernie team.


We Work Across a Number of Industries

Ascent is proud to serve clients across a variety of industries, including: Utilities, Construction, Film and Television, Fire Suppression, Heli-Skiing, Medevac, and Natural Resources. Our expertise, coupled with a comprehensive Safety Management System ensures that our clients are receiving the safest industry leading aerial solutions—even in the most challenging of situations and environments. There is always a better way to do the job—we find it.

Utilities / Construction

Certain work situations involve special requirements. Some developers want help delivering supplies to hard-to-reach areas; others need to erect structures in areas inaccessible to cranes and heavy machinery. Ascent Helicopters’ pilots have extensive precision longline and aerial lift experience, and can accommodate a broad range of specific construction requirements.

Past projects successfully completed by Ascent Helicopters include: hydro-electrical development, aerial construction, drill moves, and aerial seeding. Given the broad needs of our utility and construction clientele, we have retrofitted our state-of-the-art aircraft to offer maximum lift capabilities. Ascent’s team of Hoist Technicians and Mobile First Aid Paramedics (air and ground) help us maintain our standing with Transport Canada and WorkSafe BC, making Ascent one of the few organizations able to offer hoist operations.

Film and Television

The film and television industry is always looking to wow audiences by capturing stunning imagery for major productions. Ascent Helicopters’ pilots understand the demands of the film and television industry and have helped crews with support in a number of capacities. Recently, Ascent was involved in a major film production in which we provided dramatic hoist and rappel scenes. Ascent has worked extensively with film and television productions throughout the Yukon and the lower mainland of B.C. Part of the reason that crews choose to work with Ascent on productions includes our ability to offer hoist rescue and Medevac programs, longline operations for remote locations, and experience and professionalism when transporting VIPs.

Fire Suppression

Dangerous forest fires leave little margin for error; therefore, those who need dependable aerial support in such situations put their faith in Ascent Helicopters. Our depth of knowledge in aerial fire suppression—and experience developing with advanced firefighting technologies—has allowed us to maintain long-term contracts with the B.C. Ministry of Forest's Rapattack program.

Together, with our Aerospace division, we research and develop new technologies, such as our carbon fibre tank, to combat fires more effectively. These products are deployed on our helicopters, making initial attacks more effective and seamless. Our teams can also be dispatched anywhere in the world. Ascent Helicopters is NAFTA approved.


Skiers and snowboarders who want the very best, choose heli-ski operations that can offer a best-in-class outdoor experience. It should go without saying that these buyers require a certain level of comfort and skill from their pilots. Ascent Helicopters’ flight professionals have substantial mountain experience (over 20 years in heli-skiing and mountain flying) and an aptly equipped fleet. This allows us to give heli-ski operators access to the very best service and terrain.

Our extensive history means we have a deep understanding of the heli-skiing market and the specific needs of heli-ski operators. As with all of our operations, safety is first and foremost as such, we have an excellent safety rating. Additionally, all of our aircraft are equipped with satellite phone and tracking systems.


In medical emergencies, time is of the essence. Ascent Helicopters provides rapid response and expert medical care that can help save lives and minimize injury.

Our helicopters are configured for patient transfers; similarly, every Ascent aircraft is outfitted with equipment required by medical personnel to respond to emergencies, and provide in-flight care. Ascent aircraft maintain 110V power that can run incubators and defibrillators and most other necessary medical equipment. The rear of each aircraft is equipped with satellite communications that allow attendants to maintain radio or phone contact with medical support, while attending to a patient.

Natural Resources

Those working in the Natural Resources Industry (e.g. Mining and Mineral Exploration) often look to Ascent Helicopters, due to our pilots’ backgrounds in exploration work and expertise in precision longline operations. Our team can address specific logistical dilemmas and offer specialized solutions including: Air support for established exploration camps; bulk fuel hauls; specialty operations; and cross-border equipment moves.

Our fleet consists of some exceptional lifters, and is equipped with the latest performance modifications available. These aircraft offer satellite tracking, phones, and are configured for EMS Medevac. Ascent Helicopters is Class D (also known as Human External Transport System) approved. This means we provide prompt evacuation of sick or injured workers from rugged areas, thus, reducing the time and risk associated with traditional evacuations.

Mobile First Aid

Ascent offers two Mobile Treatment Centre (MTC) First Aid Units to assist with your in-field operations. These units are configured on Ford F350 diesel trucks with 4x4 capabilities and air bag suspension. They also feature Tufpor™ MTC units with built in roll cages, for increased safety.

Each unit contains OFA level III First Aid Kits, A.E.Ds, and Class D Rescue Equipment. Additionally, our attendants are Paramedic In Industry (PII) or WorkSafeBC OFA level III certified Helicopter Class D Rescue Attendants.


Ascent’s full-service hoisting program affords technical solutions for a variety of applications, ranging from work access to rescue/emergency response. This program is focused on servicing our clients in the safest, and most dependable, fashion possible.

We designed this program in 2005, in partnership with industry experts. As such, it’s informed by those with (national and international) experience in Hoist Program Development and air operations with the BC Forest Service hoist/rappel program.

Our hoist technicians make this offering unique, by routinely providing the pilot with clear, concise information relevant to the safety of the operation—such as obstacle clearances. This flow of information further enhances the pilot’s own situational awareness and thus forms an integral part of the safety program.

The result of this planning and expertise is found in an offering that increases your safety margins and offers a confidence that cannot be replicated.


Ascent’s Fleet of Precision Machines

Ascent Helicopters operates a wide variety of helicopters. These helicopters have been chosen for their track record in safety and reliability.

Our engineers have taken these aircraft even further by completing extensive modifications that improve safety and enhance performance. Our helicopters are equipped with state of the art satellite tracking systems that provide satellite telephone and data transfer capabilities, through BlueTooth connectivity, within the cabin area.

Bell 205A-1+++

Our Bell 205A-1+++ has been upgraded with the Bell 212 nose assembly and fully integrated Sagem glass cockpit. These modifications ensure that this aircraft will remain technologically viable for years to come. It boasts the Dash 17 engine, 212 rotor system, strake kit, fast fin and can also be configured with auxiliary fuel tanks for increased range.

Required crew: 1
Passenger capacity: 14
Cruise speed: 100 knots
Fuel capacity: 814.0 L
Fuel Consumption: 385 L/hr
Endurance: 2 hrs 20 min
Range: 265 miles
Max. gross weight (internal): 10,200 lbs
Max. gross hook (external): 10,500 lbs

Bell 206L4T

The Bell 206L4T is a twin engine (Category A) aircraft. It is one of the very few twin engines in the light twin class of helicopters. Our 206L4T has been modified with Whelen strobes, provisions for Medevac operations with a folding door on left side for stretcher access.

Required crew: 1
Passenger capacity: 6
Cruise speed: 120 knots
Fuel capacity: 440.0 L
Fuel consumption: 220 L/hr
Endurance: 2 hours
Range: 240 miles
Max. gross weight (internal): 4,550 lbs
Max. gross hook (external): 4,550 lbs

Bell 212HP

Our Bell 212HP has been completely refitted and boasts an HP kit and 3-B engines, along with a strake kit to give the best possible performance. Our Bell 212 can also be configured with auxiliary fuel tanks for increased range.

Required crew: 1
Passenger capacity: 14
Cruise speed: 100 knots
Fuel capacity: 820.6 L
Fuel consumption: 385 L/hr
Endurance: 2 hrs 20 min
Range: 200 miles
Max. gross weight (internal): 11,200 lbs
Max. gross hook (external): 11,200 lbs

MD 902 Explorer

The newest addition to our fleet, the MD 902 has twin Pratt and Whitney 207E engines with Category A capability. This aircraft is equipped for a wide variety of roles from hoist operations to BC Ambulance patient transfers. The 902 is equipped with a NOTAR (no tail rotor) system increasing safety and drastically reducing noise output making it one of the quietest helicopters in the world.

Required crew: 1
Passenger capacity: 7
Cruise speed: 110-125 knots
Fuel capacity: 310 USG
Fuel consumption: 250 L/hr
Endurance: 2 hrs 30 min
Range: 328 NM
Max. gross weight: 6,500 lbs

Bell 206B Jetranger

The Bell Jetranger has been an industry workhorse since the late 60’s. The Jetranger has a long and proven track record for safety, having flown more combined hours than any other helicopter.

Required crew: 1
Passenger capacity: 4
Cruise speed: 100-120 knots
Fuel capacity:
Fuel consumption: 105 L/hr
Endurance: 3 hrs
Range: 360 NM
Max. gross weight (internal): 3,200 lbs

Bell 206L1 Longranger

This longranger is equipped with an Allison C30R for increased performance. The Longranger has been transporting people almost as long as the Jetranger and also boasts a proven track record for safety.

Required crew: 1
Passenger capacity: 6
Cruise speed: 100-130 knots
Fuel capacity:
Fuel consumption: 140 L/hr
Endurance: 2 hrs 30 min
Range: 330 NM
Max. gross weight (internal): 4,050 lbs

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